Author archive for Jane Porter

  • Nov172016

    The Magic of Social Networking for Artists

    Out of the blue I received an email from a writer at Victoria Magazine about a month ago. Cynthia Constantino…

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  • Oct072016

    Production Dyeing with Natural Dyes

    Here is an article that I wrote about production dyeing with natural dyes in  Miele Wet Cleaning Machine.  Turkey Red…

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  • Oct302015

    A Life Changing Lesson

    My mind’s eye floats away when I remember the primordial features of New Zealand’s land.  Life is still evolving on…

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  • Sep082015

    Embroidery– One Stitch at a Time

    I can finally write about my past year, the days and long nights where the heart faces reality.  After losing…

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  • Jun102014
    Hand Spun and Hand Knit Cowl

    Healing While Knitting Circles

    The rhythmic rocking of needles, the back and forth on circulars went right to my heart.  Grieving for my mom…

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  • May262014

    How I Got Started Collecting Vintage Jewelry

         About five years ago I found a pin in a junk shop.  It was very well made and sculptural.  My research…

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