Embroidery– One Stitch at a Time

Embroidery– One Stitch at a Time
September 8, 2015 Jane Porter
My Dream That brought me peace

My Dream That brought me peace

I can finally write about my past year, the days and long nights where the heart faces reality.  After losing our eldest son John Robert to a car accident on August 4, 2014, I could not talk or see anyone.  I was still in shock until recently.  But healing has begun and I feel good about life again.

In November last year I decided to put my amazing dream into visual display.  The week JR passed away, he came to me in a dream.  They gave him a pet swan, it was so sweet.  He loved all animals, and the swan took him where ever he wanted to go.   He came down to get me and I sat behind him on his swan.  He showed me all the beautiful gardens and places of peace.  Then he brought me home and said, “When your time is ready, I will come get you on my swan.”

So I had to do this for my own healing.  I had never really done any embroidery, but took a class with Carol Woolford and learned some basic stitches.  I only used chain, satin, and blanket stitches, but you can vary them so much to create textures.

I used silk, wool, and linen in the piece.  Every night I would sit and do a little.  Each stitch was a word on paper that I could not write.  I finished it the first week of August 2015.  A feeling of joy, peace, happiness.  And a desire to continue to express myself with needle and thread, instead of pen and ink.


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