Sage Chickadee Printed Silk Scarf with Matching Greeting Card

Sage Chickadee Printed Silk Scarf with Matching Greeting Card


The Sage Chickadee large silk scarf and matching card features a soft background wash of green hues.  Dragonfly and chickadee play among the foliage of spring.  The softness of the color will compliment many of your outfits and goes with most skin tones. of nature among galaxies against an aqua watercolor background. The scarf is long and wide and can be worn as a wedding wrap, infinity scarf, head scarf, and sarong.  It is washable and travels easily.  All the sale proceeds will be donated to  Hilltop Preparatory School Photography and Social Skills Fund.

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Dimensions:  77″ long by 25″ wide

100% Silk

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Stippled brush strokes of sage green watercolor form the bottom layer of color on this versatile silk scarf.  Wide swatches of peach, rust, evergreen, celadon green and gray play off the images of a chickadee and textured foliage.  The Sage Chickadee scarf  is designed in Photoshop by textile artist Jane Porter and is digitally printed on 12 mummy silk in India.   Jane arranges a collage of watercolors on the digital canvas.  The artwork is by many artists who sell their work on Etsy.  The Sage Chickadee  scarf features work from artists By Lef, Back Lane Artist,  LABF, Inside My Nest, Small House Big Pony, and Paper Spinx.

I created  a matching greeting card and  printed it on high quality 100 lb. paper.   I want to encourage people to begin writing again to their friends and relatives.  It is a joy to receive a card from someone that is dear to you.  The card is 5″ x 7″ with a matching envelope and liner.

You can wear this silk scarf in many ways.  It can be folded up to eight times to show different parts of the painting.  You can twist and knot it to create an infinity scarf, head scarf, wear it as a sarong at the beach or on a cruise.   The scarf can be worn as a shawl to a wedding.

This is a limited edition of 50 and the proceeds from each scarf sold will be donated to Hilltop Preparatory School Photography and Social Skills Fund.

The Sage Chickadee scarf and matching card set makes a very special gift for anyone.

SKU:  Sage Chickadee Card

dimensions 77″ long, 25″ wide.

Fabric: 12 mm silk

Printed in India

Care:  Washable, can be ironed, colorfast

Returns:  Return unworn with tags attached





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