The Magic of Social Networking for Artists

The Magic of Social Networking for Artists
November 17, 2016 Jane Porter

Out of the blue I received an email from a writer at Victoria Magazine about a month ago. Cynthia Constantino had found my profile on TAFA List (Textile and Fiber Arts), an online community of artists who work with fabrics and fibers. She wanted to do a story on my work for the Entrepreneur blog, so I did the interview, and today, November 17th, her article was published.

This is very exciting for me as a textile fashionista.  It affirms to me that you have to put yourself out there is any shape and form.  Just think of it as throwing up vectors into the sky, not knowing who will catch one and investigate.  I think the more out there the better.  Networking, both cyber and physical.
So artist entrepreneurs, please join relevant online groups that help you promote your work.  Advertise or join your local newspaper arts community.    Learn to think like an entrepreneur because your really are one.

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