Color for the Future American Made Handwoven by Fair Trade Artisans Define Your Style Washable, Soft, Easy Care Eco-Friendly Fashion


My hand dyed scarves are designed for the woman who wants to look great with minimal effort.  Silk, cotton, wool, and linen fabrics are selected for comfort, easy care, and their affinity for natural dyes.  They are handwoven one at a time by fair trade artisans.   When the un-dyed scarves arrive, I mix different plant dyes to produce new colors.  After each dye bath I add other dyes to the pot to create another hue.

Updating your wardrobe at a reasonable cost is important to me and many women.  My scarves coordinate with many day to evening outfits, and can be tied in different ways to create new looks.  Washable,  eco-friendly, and Made in America for women of all ages.



“Eco-Friendly Fashion”

“Designed for the woman who appreciates sustainable fashion.”

“Each scarf is unique — either dyed, sewn, or hand knit one at time.”

“One of A Kind”

“Washable, travel friendly, and Made in America for women of all ages.”