Creative Process

Weaving, spinning, dyeing, printing, sewing, embroidery, knitting and felting are techniques for Jane Porter’s creative process.   Each scarf is designed one at a time.

Current fashion trends guide Jane in her design process.  There are many trend forecasting companies;  Jane has worked with Peclers Paris because they are farther ahead in their thinking  and predictions.  Peclers Paris asks what the environment, business climate, living experiences,  politics, and consumer behavior be in the future?   How will the future trends affect fashion’s silhouettes and colors?  What weave structures and fibers in textiles express the mood of the planet?

Working two to three years out,  Jane selects colors that will compliment skin tones.  She also likes Fashion Textile Magazine, and View Textile Magazine.   

Jane likes to work with silk, wool, cotton and linen.  Their affinity for natural dyes and customer comfort and easy care are important.   She works with a group of fair trade weavers near the east coast of India.  Jane designs the fabric, specify the weave and weight, and has them weave individual scarves using natural fibers.   Her background in weaving, spinning, knitting and dyeing gives Jane appreciation for their care and handiwork.  She loves the personality of the weaver that is expressed in each textile.

Jane works intuitively, creating, adding, or subtracting elements as part of her process.   Dyeing fabric in her solar studio, vats of Weld, Cochineal, Indigo, Osage, Madder Root, and Himalayan Rhubarb heat up slowly on slate slabs.   The fabrics simmer for days, allowing the color to develop a rich, deep hue over time.   She mixes different natural dyes together to create unusual greens, purples, corals and pinks. The mystery of never knowing what will happen is what excites her.

Once a scarf is dyed,  Jane may use Shibori Clamping or Arashi Wrapping techniques to create patterns on the fabric in second dye bath.  Painting or silk screening also add graphic elements to her scarves.

Embellishing with silk ribbons,  antique laces, felting, or embroidery create a collage of texture and pattern. Jane says that the collage process describes the many vectors of her life;   her love the the arts, gardens, classical music and great design.

During the colder months,  spinning yarn, hand knitting, and sewing vintage silk kimono fabrics define her time.